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Adapted PE CIG Report

By Lee Miller Parks, APE Specialist
Glendale Community College

The APE CIG held pre-convention workshops on Saturday, October 23rd and Sunday, Oct. 24th, 2004. Saturdayís workshops were held at the Adapted Physical Education facility at Monterey Peninsula College (MPC). APE colleague Mark Clements hosted the workshop and was also the first presenter. Mark's historical perspective of MPCís program included the past as well as the proposed new facility MPC will have.

Frank Degnan's presentation provided information about SCUBA diving for personís with disabilities. Frank is co-founder and Training Director of the National Instructors Association for Divers with Disabilities (NIADD). His presentation emphasized creating safe recreational diving skills and opportunities.

Frank was followed by Dr. Lottie Marcus. Dr. Marcus is the president and chairman of the Multiple Sclerosis Quality of Life Project in Carmel, California. Her presentation highlighted how community college adapted physical educators play a critical role in the integrated, client-centered, care management plan for people with MS.

Saturday afternoon was filled with a presentation about kayaking with a disability. Mark Theobald, representing Disabled Adventures, discussed kayaking basics and showcased many of his self-manufactured adapted kayaking devices. This presentation was a prelude to Sunday's workshop.

Sunday found the attendees on the beach, dressed in kayaking gear, and ready to apply Mark's instructions from the day before. CAPED member, Mark Clements, had some of his actual students join us in the activity portion of the workshop. As movement specialists, this was the high point of the workshop -- groups of two, on kayaks, out in Monterey Bay.

The APE CIG met on Monday, October 25th, at the Marriott. Dr. Karl Knopf of Foothill College presented on the characteristics of aging and how they can be reversed with regular physical activity.

Dr. Knopf was followed by John Hogan. John's presentation discussed the differences between primary vs. secondary aging and how exercise plays a role in prevention and rehabilitation.

The APE CIG then sponsored a joint session with PSY CIG. Dr. Randy Parks of Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles offered an overview of Personality Disorders. His presentation addressed the chronic nature of these syndromes and current treatment approaches as well as strategies to minimize disruption in the educational setting.

The APE CIG held its business meeting and Chuck Keller was elected as the Northern APE CIG chair (again).